Some of us are social butterflies

You know the type. They’re the life of the party. They say hi to everyone, and everyone says hi back.

They have a knack with names and a way with words. They’re funny, and witty, and charming, and know just what to say. Or, not say. They typically have very little if any trouble talking to anyone, about anything.

Happy Guy. In Blue.

And, then there's the rest of us...

Simply put it’s tough coming up with things to say. Making eye contact is like staring into someone’s soul & It feels so unnatural and damn uncomfortable.

And if it’s someone in authority, intimidating, or worse, someone we like…

Well, somehow the words just bumble, er stumble … you know what I mean.

I'm Shy.
Now What?


Between the two of us, Brad is definitely the talker. He’s the guy that can make cold calls without cold sweats.

Don’t get me wrong. I can do my fair share of public speaking if I have to. But, parties aren’t my thing. And small talk?

Let’s just say, not a fan.

This is why “I’m shy” was born.

So, Brad is helping us all out…and that’s no BS!

Next time you're at the water cooler with nothing to say...

Try one of these Pure BS moments…

Sometimes, you just don’t know what to say. So, every day, we’ll put a little somethin’ somethin’ here for you to talk about.

A little bit about everything, and much ado about nothing.

We’ve even got some opinions to get you started. Just pick and choose your conversation.


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