PureBS Summary:  If you don’t know what to say, talk about the 12 South Korean students who tried to avoid military service!

In South Korea, 12 music students in Seoul wanted to avoided the mandatory 2 year military service.  They tried to do this by gaining weight through eating Pizza, drinking aloe water and high protein shakes.  Some of them chose to “act crazy” instead.  They stated they didn’t want to join the military because they wanted to be able to sing together. One student gained 66 pounds in 6 months.  It has not been revealed how the government found out but the government has hired a prosecutor.

Pick a side!

  • They should have the right to decide if they want to be a part of the military or not.  This is unfair and I think the students should not have had to go to these extremes as the entire concept is just plain wrong! That being said I have eaten vast amounts of pizza for a far less compelling reason…


  • What makes these 12 song birds so special? Everyone else has to do their part the least they can do is give 2 years to a country where they live.  This is another classic example of today’s youth not doing their part…That’s PureBS!!

I’ve got you started here:

  • What is the farthest extreme you have ever gone to when trying to avoid something? (work, date school…military conscription etc.)

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