PureBS Summary:  If you don’t know what to say, talk about most germ infested place in the airport!

In a new study by Pandemic experts, the dirtiest and most germ-infested part of the airport is the plastic tray at security. More germs are harboured here than the airport toilets…yes the toilets!! A variety of places were swabbed in the Helsinki-Vanta Airport winter of 2016 and the trays were found to have the highest levels of bacteria.  The most common found were the common cold and the flu viruses.

Pick a side!

  • The airport looks so clean! How could something that looks so clean and so full of wonder and possibility ever be the cause of something harmful? Those trays can’t be that dirty can they? Everyone who works near them wears gloves.  That’s got to be a good sign…right?


  • Dirtier than the bathrooms? I may never travel again.  Those airport bathrooms are the worst! Anytime I travel I have to “hold it” until I get to my destination, I once flew for 18 hours!!! You can imagine my relief up arrival! I guess when I travel now I need to wear gloves everywhere I go and a diaper.  I thought the diaper was bad, but gloves…my hands will get so sweaty! Yikes…That’s PureBS!!

I’ve got you started here:

  • What is the least favourite part of travel for you?

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