PureBS Summary:  If you don’t know what to say, talk about the woman who was arrested with the assistance of a herd of cows!

Jennifer Anne Kaufman (age 46) and 2 other people were inside a stolen SUV and on the run from police.  The other two passengers were apprehended very quickly after the police managed to get the SUV off the road and had in crash in a nearby cow pasture.  Jennifer however took off on foot and began running through a cow field.  In doing so she startled the cows (numbers range from 12-20 beautiful bovines) who immediately began to chase her.  She was eventually tapped near a fence where the officers arrested her.

Pick a side!

  • Cows don’t get enough credit for all they do to make the world a better place.  This is just another example of what makes cows so exemplary!  She got what she deserved and these cows should be given medals of valor!


  • These cows were likely frightened and unsure who this late night predator was.  They had to protect their own, this woman should have known better, but as we all know if the police can’t get it done, you call in a herd of cows!! No way….  That’s PureBS!!

I’ve got you started here:

  • When was the last time you were being chased by anything?

You can watch the chase right here!!


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