PureBS Summary:  If you don’t know what to say, talk about the Uber drivers who are pretending to clean up vomit!

Several passengers in Florida are very upset as Uber drivers have begun the “vomit” scam in full force.  The drivers after they drop off the passenger take pictures of “vomit in the car”   and send it to Uber HQ.  Once they have done this Uber automatically bills the client for a clean up charge.  Many drivers have gotten away with this as people rarely check their credit card statement.

Pick a side!

  • I’m sure it all balances out, these drivers likely have had all kinds of problems in the past and this is how the collect their money.  That’s PureBS!!


  • This is a horrible scam and they should be appalled.  Just wrong stealing from people like this.  Makes me want to vomit intentionally and then hide it under the mat just to teach them a lesson!

I’ve got you started here:

  • When was the last time you were scammed or someone tried to scam you?



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