PureBS Summary:  If you don’t know what to say, talk about the fact that the more Tome Cruise runs, the more successful his movies are!

Tom Cruise (age 56) loves to run & he reminds us of this in almost every movie.  Recently some math was applied to the success rate of the movie on Rotten Tomatoes as well as total money earned.  The proof is in the math, “movies featuring Cruise running more than 1,000 feet have a higher Tomatometer average (a huge 71 percent) than the movies in which he runs less than that, or not at all – and the same movies make more money at the box office, with an average inflated international gross of $538 million.” This is truly astounding and shows us that this man can and should be running!

Pick a side!

  • Tom Cruise is an icon and whether or not you like all his movies he has for sure captured your heart with at least one of them! His variety is incredible and though he didn’t run much in Cocktail (but did wear white pants when he did), or when he ran in Jerry McGuire wearing a brown corduroy jacket and that later scene truly had me at hello.
  • His running has no impact on anything.  His movies are great or they aren’t and his ability to run has no bearing whatsoever thats PureBS!!

I’ve got you started here:

Here he goes, watch them all!


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