PureBS Summary:  If you don’t know what to say, talk about the alligator that went for a midnight Walmart run!

Many North Americans love to shop at Walmart for the low priced goods. Now more than just humans are trying to take advantage of the discounts!  Check this out, 3 minutes of your life and you have a great story to share at the water cooler!!

Here’s what happened:  An 8 foot alligator wandered into a Texas Walmart parking lot around midnight.  3 Police officers wrangled it down. Texas Parks and Wildlife took care of the wandering gator.

Pick a side!

  • Gator shopping at Walmart! This is natural evolution, I’m surprised it took this long for a wild animal to start shopping there.  I think it is unfair that the Police didn’t see what unfolded, here a wild animal is trying to better themself and they are held back. That’s PureBS!!


  • Thank goodness for the police, who knows what could have happened?!?! These animals just think they can come and go and do whatever they want!  I have seen Planet of the Apes.  I know what can happen.

I’ve got you started here:

  • What’s the strangest thing you have ever seen at a Walmart or when out shopping?


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