PureBS Summary:  If you don’t know what to say, talk about the man who donated his time to be part of a parade and was ticketed for it!

We have all dreamt of being part of a parade well Silvester Law had just that chance and was ticketed for it! Check this out, 3 minutes of your life and you have a great story to share at the water cooler!!

Here’s what happened: In Burnaby, BC Mr Law was volunteering at the parade, while doing so he needed to drive down the closed roads which were being supervised by police.  While driving the closed route he drove through an intersection and was given a $167 dollar ticket by the red light camera. As you can see by the picture the police were not at all concerned by his actions!

Pick a side! I’ve got you started here:

  • The law is the law, parade, event it doesn’t ever matter.  If the light is red you stop your car! What’s the most frustrating time you received a ticket while driving? Or if they have never received a ticket how do they manage to do that?
  • He was volunteering his time, and giving back to the community! How does a guy like that get a ticket…That’s PureBS!!

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