PureBS Summary:  If you don’t know what to say, talk about the hero dog that saved a 7 month old girl!

We have all  heard of the dangers of  some big dogs, most notably pit bulls.  This story can shed an entire new perspective. Check this out, 3 minutes of your life and you have a great story to share at the water cooler!!

Here’s what happened: In Stockton California, a pitbull named Sasha saved a 7 month old by pulling her by her diaper when her apartment caught on fire.  The home was filled with smoke and the mother did get to her baby, but the dog alerted the family to the fire and began the rescue by pulling the baby by the diaper towards the door.

Pick a side! I’ve got you started here: Hero Dog!

  • Amazing! This is why you have a pet, just in case an emergency arises and you are unable to handle the situation yourself.  Your best friend can help you out.  Have you ever had a pet that did anything amazing?
  • Woah! Easy now, these dogs have a bad reputation.  I’d definitely think twice.  Trusting a dog to save your child’s life…That’s PureBS!!





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