PURE BS Summary: TL;DR There are 4 ways to become a millionaire: investments, real-estate, business, and the internet. Notice, how working hard as an employee isn’t one of them.

I’ve decided I’m going to become a millionaire.

Or, a Starbucks Barista. Both seem equally appealing.

(I mean, as a Barista, you get to work with happy, chirpy people bringing personalized coffee experiences to your community. Also, I believe you get free Starbucks during your shift. More about that later.)

As a self-made millionaire, you get to work up a sweat by climbing a proverbial mountain of wealth. You get to stand at the top, look down, and feel proud; Wow, I can’t believe I just did that.

You get to pause at the top, take a deep breath, and reflect on the idea that not everyone makes it to the top, or even chooses to start the adventure. But you chose the road less travelled, and that made all the difference.

And, then, you look over at the next mountain range, and start to plan out your next climb to the next peak.

The One Minute Millionaire

I’m reading a book called, “The One Minute Millionaire” by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G Allen. Yes, the same Mark Victor Hansen who brought us Chicken Soup for the Soul and other morsel-sized stories of humanity.

It’s an interesting premise – two books in one.

On one side, there’s the traditional, analytical non-fiction style self-help book. On literally the other side, there’s a fictional narrative about Michelle.

(Cool aside: If you flip through the pages like a flip-book, you can see a little butterfly flutter by to the top of the page.)

Michelle lost her husband to a drunk driver. She lost custody of her children, her entrepreneurial business with her husband fell through, she lost her home, and finally ended up couch surfing with a friend. Depressed, she ended up waiting tables. It seems a little bit cray-cray, but you get the idea that Michelle has hit rock-bottom.

(She doesn’t have cancer yet, but that could be a funny moment around the corner.)

One day, Michelle is waiting drinks on a group: the Elightened Millionaires Circle. She hears about the Enlightened Millionaire Training Manual, and the idea of following a path that will teach people to become “enlightened millionaires” – in short, it’s the ideas from the non-fiction style self-help book seen through Michelle’s story as she tries to thrive after hitting rock bottom.

How will you make your first million?

There are a lot of ideas to digest from this New York Times Bestseller, but the idea I’m playing with now is the metaphor of choosing a millionaire mountain to climb.

Will you make your first million through

  • Investments – accumulating shares of stocks, bonds, CDs
  • Real Estate – owning properties
  • Business – marketing products, services or ideas
  • Internet – expanding possibilities.

I like the idea that there are multiple ways to the top. (So much that I made some pretty posters for my home office to inspire me.)

I also find it interesting that the traditional idea of working hard at your job to become rich wasn’t a path up the millionaire mountain.

(Yes, I know. You could invest your salary to fund your investments a dollar a day with a 10% rate of return for 56 years and walk out a millionaire. The book goes over that. But the idea that if you work hard at your job, you’ll be rewarded doesn’t pay out directly.)

“For now, just be aware of the four major mountains. Make an initial “gut” decision to choose one mountain – something that you sense is going to be your primary investment vehicle. Suppose you were enrolled in a University of Money. Which of the four mountains would be your “major”? Which would be your “minor”? Which mountain interests you the most? Which one scares you the most?” (Pg 14)

In five years, I’d like to be able to say “I made my first million in the internet.”

What can I say? I’m a techie kind of guy. I like playing with computers and tinkering around with technology.

But, I also like the idea about marketing products and services.

So, I guess if Mark and Robert were here right now, I’d tell them the Internet would be my major, and I’m minoring in business.

And, as for working as a barista? Well, who says you can’t be both a millionaire and a fun-loving agent of coffee? Dare to dream.

(Full disclosure: I’m sitting in a Starbucks right away sipping my tall blond roast and using the free wi-fi. Also, I’m not a millionaire… yet.)


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