PURE BS Summary: Find the humour in your shitty situation.

Sometimes, it’s hard to get out of bed. Life can be tough. We get it.

If you have Netflix, try watching the documentary on comedian Tig Notaro. She had a crappy year.

  • She was hospitalized and survived a life-threatening infection.
  • Her mother passed away suddenly.
  • The hospital sent her mother a questionnaire to see how her stay at the hospital went.
  • She went through a breakup.

Then, she discovered she had cancer.

“As soon as I was diagnosed with cancer… everything came over me as funny.”

I guess the take-away message is that even when you hit rock-bottom, sometimes it’s possible to find the humour in the situation and keep going.

“I got a sense of humor cause it was just so ridiculous. After everything that had happened, I have cancer? And so, I just started writing.”

Tig went on to perform a life changing stand-up set at Largo on August 3, 2012.  It’s at 21:52 of the Netflix documentary if you get a chance to watch it, and it’s powerful. Dead pan humour and honesty juxtaposed with the seriousness of life: “Good evening, hello. I have cancer. How are you?”

Even Tig herself points out in the documentary that at the time, the routine felt like an enormous risk. Being honest about her life could have bombed horribly. But it didn’t.

So, what’s the take home strategy for us to walk away with?

“It’s tough times. You can’t stick around for that.”

I guess it’s the idea that tough times don’t last. They’re temporary.

That’s hard to remember when you’re going through the thick of things, but I guess if you can find a little humour in the situation, it can help us weather the storm.

Who am I to say that cancer can be funny? Especially when you or a loved one are struggling through that?

I’m nobody. And, I can’t always see the humour in my BS moments, either.

But, if Tig can find some humour in her situation, maybe we can too.


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