PureBS TL;DR summary: When you are shopping, look up the same item on their website to see if the price is cheaper and if they will price match. Staples will. Chapters won’t.

So, this weekend, I’m doing a little tidying up in the basement. Set up a few shelves, unpacked a few boxes, that sort of thing.

And, then I discovered that I don’t have any book-ends.

I don’t know why, but book-ends are always ridiculously expensive. $12 for a pair of 9 inch metal “L”s to keep your binders looking purty.

But, without them, your shelves are a jumbled mess of books and resources. Might as well as left your things in boxes shoved under the stairs.

So, I googled book ends. Of course.

Staples had a sale for 9″ black Steelmaster Bookends. The good kind.

So, then I looked up on Amazon to see if the price was any better. Twenty five bucks for the same product on Amazon Prime seemed a little pricey.

So, Staples it is.

But, when I went in to the local Staples, I was surprised to see that their book-ends didn’t have the sale price of the online Staples.ca, let alone the regular price of their online store.

And, that’s when I realized that sometimes the same product is cheaper online at the exact same store.

I already knew that Chapter’s books are often cheaper online, but didn’t realize this was a thing.

So, a quick chat with the cashier to “Price Guarantee” and match their Staples.ca store, and I’m walking out the door with a few book-ends at half price. Nice.

Now, if only organizing the basement was that easy.

(Yes, I know the time stamps of the photos doesn’t match. I took the photos later when I decided to write this post.)


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