PURE BS Summary: TL;DR means “too long; didn’t read” and we’re going to summarize our posts in one sentence up at the top. Like this.

I’ve recently discovered the front page of the internet. (I know, I’m late to the party.)

I didn’t even know that was a thing until Reddit told me. Now, I can easily waste the hours away finding a “fun meme, pic or gif.”

Reddit wasn’t around when I was a kid. And the dark side of Reddit certainly wasn’t around, either. Or, at least, it wasn’t where I was dialing up on my modem and Commodore 64.

Rather than looking at cool videos about cats failing at being cats, I hang around the Silph Road to learn about the inner secrets of pocket monsters.

And, that’s where I picked up some inner lingo of Redditors:

  • ELI5 = explain like I’m five.
  • PSA = Public Service Announcement
  • /s = sarcasm
  • RNG = random / random number generator
  • Edit = things you changed when you updated the comment / post

The only one I couldn’t really figure out the acronym for was “TL;DR” – it was some term that (usually) summed the long post into one tidy, neat sentence.

And I was too lazy to google it up.

Until now, because I figured I’d have to tell Brad what it actually meant when I used it on this site, instead of vaguely saying it was some sort of summary thing.

So, Brad, after reading all of this, you’ll be happy to know TL;DR means “too long, didn’t read.” Which means you could have skipped this entire post and just read the one sentence summary at the top.

Now that’s BS.

Oh, and here’s some cool internet sounds from the past:


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